Messiah’s royal lineage

The genealogy of Jesus Christ can be traced to King David’s royal line and on back to Abraham whom God made a covenant with and then clear on back to the first man the Heavenly Father created, Adam.  So Jesus the Messiah is the son of David, the son of Abraham, the son of man—the first man Adam; and the Son of God.[1][2]

Abraham was the father of Isaac; and to Isaac was born Jacob and so on.  So that all the generations from Abraham to David were fourteen generations; and from King David until the Jewish people were exiled to Babylon were fourteen generations and from the exile of the Jewish remnant to Babylon to the birth of Messiah were fourteen generations.[3]  So from Abraham to the birth of the promised Messiah were forty-two generations in all.[4]

[1]  Matthew 1:1 – 16 HVS,  [2] Luke 3:23 – 38 HVS,  [3] Matthew 1:17 HSV,  [4] Matthew 1:1 – 17 HSV

Scripture quotations are from:  ╬ HSV – Holy Scripture Version™, © 2009 by David M. Cook, all rights reserved.  Used by permission.


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